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wool, acrylic, concrete

tiles : 33 x 33 cm




Vitrine pour un Designer 2017-2018

Price Synergie 


For the contest «Vitrine pour un designer», I ‘ve create a range of floor tiles. The aim of this project is to play with the duality between concrete and textile to increase the thermal and acoustic pro- perties of each one.

To develop this project, I’ve collaborated with the National Center for Scientific and Technical Re- search for the Cement Industry based in Belgium: the CRIC-OCCN.

Currently, I am exploring the possibility of working with industrial tufted carpets.

The next step of the project is to develop a collec- tion of tiles from carpet paving which have been manufactured or wich have recycled defects. It’s to give a second life to these carpet tiles through a new process of creation.

The idea is to offer a new way to apprehend these textile surfaces.


 Copyright 2018 Anaëlle Renault All Rights Reserved / Photography Christophe Bustin & Anaëlle Renault